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Lydia's World

Confessions: Lydia's Birth and Confessions 2: Lydia's Growth
are now available in print again!!!
And now I am not at the mercy of a huge publisher charging
$24.99 per book! I dictate it and make it affordable at $5.99 per

As most of you know, I fired my Publish on demand company,
Publish America. I actually had to buy my rights back so I could
regain some composure from what I feel was years of no support
from a company making millions off authors like me. Not to mention
they charged $24 for my book which made it a bit Since I have
fired them I still get many requests for the book. So, first I decided
I would make it available on Kindle! And now, for those who have
been asking, the wait is over!!! It is NOW available in print as well!!!

I first wrote of Lydia years ago. Back when typewriters with
correction tape were popular. I was quickly picked up by a
publisher, they unfortunately went bankrupt and Lydia never saw
the light of day.

Years later I tried an agent and after a couple years with no
movement, and another poor experience, I fired them and again,
no light of day.

Finally I tried a large publish on demand firm, Publish America. And
although I do have fans from this endeavor, I really feel like a
publish on demand company is a bit of a farce. They did not help
with Lydia’s coming out and all of the promotion was left to me. I
figure, if that is the case, I will self publish with Kindle and
Amazon. So here she is … Big as life. Welcome to her world. Even
though this is new to kindle and Amazon, she has a long history!