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Lydia's World
Meet Lydia Hansen! Steamy sexy seductress who
confesses her sins to one man, her priest, Michael
Murphy. She is so sweet and innocent, a good and
husband’s affair drives her to commit an unspeakable
sin. An unspeakable sin that puts her in touch with a
part of her she had never known before. A part of her
For this unspeakable sin unleashes a blood lust only
thought of in your worst nightmares. Lydia, although
by mistake, becomes a mortal vampire.  It takes
control of Lydia’s life and takes her into a new realm
of being.  And now the new realm of being is for Lydia
the only life she will know. And this is just the
beginning of the story. “Confessions: Lydia’s Birth “.  

The plot takes place in the frigid north of Forum,
North Dakota. With Small time Police officers trying to
handle unexplained murders in the small town. That is
until the FBI intervenes with one of their most
decorated, Agent Gibson, to try and catch a cold
blooded killer. And no one would suspect who the
killer could be until the cold reality lets them know
that there is only one person left to blame for the

She is a killer. But is she just a pathological killer? Is
she nothing short of a psychopath?

Her killing spree was after all unleashed by accident.
Or was it something inside her that was released... Is
the blood lust something more than this?

Find out in “Confessions: Lydia’s Birth”