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Lydia's World
“Confessions: Lydia’s Birth” is the story of a mortal
vampire. Not the Hollywood Vampires of yesterday.
But a modern day human who finds out by mistake
that she has a lust for human blood.  

Book two is entitled “Confessions 2: Lydia’s Growth”
and continues her tale as she grows into a complete
creature. Lydia struggles with her bloodlust and at the
same time gains new insight into what she has
become, and what she is becoming.

This first book remains based in reality. The second
novel adds a bit of supernatural to it. For in the
second novel Lydia realizes someone has been
watching her exploits. It introduces a second vampire
in the second book! Is he a mere mortal? A mortal
with a bloodlust like Lydia? Or is he the real thing? A
real Vampire who can give Lydia an eternal life of